who we are

Founded in 2021 in France, Paris – BEOMI HEALTH  is a digital health company specializing in creating high-quality, integrated digital solutions for women’s health and their family care. We’re looking to create the best possible solutions to improve women’s experiences and make human experiences of pregnancy, birth, and family life easier and more enjoyable.

In order to achieve our goals, we engaged the team of top recognized and specialized healthcare practitioners and engineers. Our working instruments are agile technology and engineering, human and medical science, data, and machine learning. Our motivation is to see how the results of our work improve women’s life experiences.


Our responsibility

We work to have a positive impact as we strive to improve women’s health outcomes, solve challenges related to lack of information and outdated medical practices. We strive to make medical experiences more human and support human experiences with the latest advancements in medical science.  This is central to our mission and vital to our growth.

We respect the contributions of health care providers caring for women and families. We honor the important role of caregivers, health care practitioners, and scientists.



  • What kind of health solutions for women does BEOMI health bring? - Our first fast-growing digital platform for future mothers and the first in France maternity preparation space that accompanies women during pregnancy, helps to prepare for childbirth, and throughout the baby's first year. We're currently working on platform growth and scale internationally.
    Other applications are currently under careful design by our team.

  • How BEOMI partners with companies ?

    We partner with companies that value their employees' mental and psychological health and understand the challenges that working families could face and the impact that it can have on their professional lives. We're looking to support our customers with access to the best-in-class digital health solutions. A strong support program can help keep your employees who are working parents more engaged and productive. Working parents may appreciate the opportunity to get assistance and information support with the recognized HCPs.

  • Why BEOMI mission concerns every working family ?

    Every family member's holistic physical and mental wellness should matter for companies. Women that would return to work after the baby birth should not feel that they have to choose between their career or becoming a good mom. The responsibilities of parenting should not impact the responsibilities of the job. However, we know that these statements often fail due to the Companies' abilities to provide the environments and the information that working parents need to access for informed decision-making and balanced life. Our goal is to help working family members at the right moment of their lives with the best digital solutions available when they're really needed.

  • Contact Us

    If you're looking to reach us please for any purposes write an email to :